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Whenever I use your software, I don't see the video. It only download the audio and no video. I am doing something wrong?

A codec (short for compressor/decompressor) is a type of translator for video and audio data. If that translator (codec) isn't present on the computer trying to play the audio or video file, it won't play back properly, if at all. Have you ever downloaded a video file and, when trying to play it back, you get audio but no video? That usually means you're missing the right video codec, but you have the correct codec for audio. Conversely, if you get video but no audio, you might be missing an audio codec (this is much rarer than a missing video codec). One of the problems with sharing video online today is with users creating videos using codecs that not everyone has. It's important to encode your video using codecs that your users will have. If you do want to use a special codec, make sure you indicate which codec is needed to view the video and where people can get it. I've noticed that codec problems are more frequent with AVI files-it's rare to get an MPEG or WMV file that won't play. Try to install free codec pack from

I get the error Socket error #10060

This error is not directly caused by Youtube Downloader, but mostly occurs because either a Firewall stops our Youtube Downloader from connecting to the Internet or there is a problem with the Names Resolution or because of improper routing in your network implementation. Please ensure that a connection through your firewall is possible for the program. Configure it in such a way that it does not block Youtube Downloader (Youtube Downloader needs to be able to access the standard port 80). If necessary, add youtube-downloader.exe to the list of accepted programs.